Cham-Ber Huang's concerts won enthusiastic recognition from leading music critics . . .


"Mr. Huang is very accomplished both musically and technically.  He phrased with sensitive taste and performed miracles of articulation.. ."

- Theodore Strongin. New York Times

"If you like your Coperin, Bach or Mozart performed on the harmonica, Cham-Ber Huang is definitely your man. Mr. Huang did his utmost to bring each of the works to life, and we have nothing but admiration for his enormous skill both as interpreter and technician."

- John Gruen,
New York Times

"Mr. Huang is definitely a skilled harmonica player. He was persuasive in showing how successfully the harmonica can fit into the Baroque scheme of things. The tone of the instrument seemed reasonable for the music involved and phrasing and expressivity were well managed. In the chamber music, the harmonica blended in beautifully and needed no amplification to hold its own with the pungent sonorities of violin, oboe, bassoon and harpsichord."

- Allen Hughes,
New York Times

"Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' brought out the best in both performer and instrument. Huang and accompanist, Michael May, gave an earthy rollicking, no-holds-barred performance that brought down the house."

- Harry Haskell, Kansas City Times
Cham-Ber Huang - Recording Reviews

"Chem-Ber Huang is probably the most accomplished virtuoso of the harmonica in the recent history of the instrument and a keen and sophisticated interpreter of serious music as well."


"There are a great many remarkable things about Mr. Huang's record release not the least of which is that the Bach, Couperin and Telemann are by far the best things on the disc...superb sense of rhythm, a perceptive sense of proportion, and an altogether remarkable taste in such music...the instrument is admirably suited to the material in the hands of such an artist, and the entire experience, while novel, is remarkably interesting... suggesting that Mr. Huang do a record of, possibly an all-Bach program."

- The American Record Guide

"Cham-Ber Huang's playing is wonderful on the album. What is striking to me is the way that he can achieve the sensation of sweetness with strength at the same time. It always seems fluid, sweet, and lyrical, but there is an underlying strength and force that is present at the same time. This is remarkable to me. And it is a pleasure to hear again and again."

- John Santana - Music Critic, and Music director of Classical Radio station KKGO-FM, Los Angeles

"I have to say that it is quite a revelation. I have to say that Mr Huang's playing leaps out into a third dimension, he has such a depth and variety of intonation, vibrato, and even different attack techniques. We were absolutely entranced with his performance."

- Michael S. - Rare Baroque Recordings

More about Cham-Ber Huang in Kim Field's Harmonicas, Harps & Heavy Breathers, published by Simon & Shuster.